WIIFM? Could it save your life?

I actually love the acronym WIIFM, which stands for “what’s in it for me”? Almost everyone needs to understand specifically why investing their money, time or energy is important, before they will invest it, regardless of what the situation is. We are programmed (whether by DNA or societal conditioning – or both) to ponder and find an answer to why, what or how (although the question why is a completely different ballgame and I’ll talk about that in my next blog). People also like to know when something will happen but often do not get an answer to that question that they like. Still we are conditioned to ask and often seek the answers externally.

Sometimes it is the questions we don’t ask that have the most importance in our lives.

Take Coco for instance. Coco, is one of a handful of long time clients I work with in-person. Coco (not her real name) came for one of her regular visits with me. Several years ago I trained in the Acutonics system of sound healing and I still do this work with Coco. During her sound healing treatment I worked on various acupuncture points and meridians with my tuning forks. Right before her sound healing treatment I also I often open up her Akashic records.

As I moved my tuning forks over to some points near her stomach and lower abdomen, I paused. I sensed and saw a spot near where I would approximate her ovary to be. I saw this spot in my mind’s eye on the right side of her body. I relayed the information to Coco and asked her how long it had been since her last woman’s exam. It had been several years, she responded. I mentioned it might be a good idea to check it out with her doctor. I felt certain what I saw wasn’t life threatening, but needed further investigation. My intention was not to scare Coco but to give her the benefit of the information so she could make informed decisions about her health.

Coco came back the following week. I opened her records and during her sound healing treatment again when I neared her pelvic region on the right side I was shown the same thing I’d seen the week prior. Again we discussed it and she promised to make an appointment with her doctor. A few weeks later she saw her doctor. When she had the results she came in and cheerfully told me there was good news. No problems with her ovaries or anywhere else in her pelvic region. However, there was not so good news when it came to her mammogram. It seems during her pelvic exam the doctor was very insistent Coco get a mammogram as well, especially since it had been many years since her last one.

As it turned out the mammogram showed that Coco has some calcification spots in her right breast. They were not there in her mammogram from many years before. The doctor told Coco she could proceed to a biopsy or she could revisit this issue and have another mammogram in 6 months. Coco chose the latter option.

Here is my take away. While the information Coco received during her reading was not exact in terms of location, it was first and foremost a female condition and it was on the right side of her body, and oddly enough, they were spots. Had Coco not gone for her woman’s exam this may not have been discovered for a very long time; or worse it may not have been discovered until it had turned into something life threatening. There is debate about the outcome of calcifications in the breast, but this is definitely information Coco needed to have.

It may also be that I didn’t receive the information about her breast because it is not an area where I work, so they gave me information that would lead her to seek her doctor who then pushed for her to get the mammogram.

Back to my original question of WIIFM or what’s in it for you to have a reading? If I hadn’t opened Coco’s records and received this information – twice, would this problem have continued to go unnoticed? Most likely it would have since it had been 12 years since Coco’s last exam. She needed this information to be able to make appropriate health choices. I’ve been seeing Coco for years and this information never came up until recently so I can only assume it wasn’t important to know until now.

What do you need to know about now? What’s In It For YOU?

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