Healing Through the Akashic Records™

This is a compelling, introspective discovery and healing process!

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San Jose


Healing Through the Akashic Records is the path to discovering your soul’s purpose and perfection! It is the path to transforming your sacred wounds into Divinely inherent goodness!

We all have wounds and want to heal them. Healing Through the Akashic Records is a profound journey of grace and unconditional love that transforms these wounds into sacred understandings of healing and discovery.

Working in your Akashic Records using the Pathway Prayer Process™, you will:

  • Identify your primary sacred wound – the painful event, person or circumstance that is holding you “hostage” and keeping you stuck in your wound;
  • Learn strategies to free you from your old ideas and limiting patterns;
  • Gain tools for making choices aligned with your highest good and most authentic self;
  • Experience three ways to activate the “Ascension Matrix” that helps you to actualize what your heart desires.

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“You don’t have to wait for someone else to save you, fix you or relieve you of your distress – and in reality, no one else can do this for you anyway. Others can be supportive, but they can’t go to those places within you where the hurt is all-consuming. Only you can go there on your behalf.”

Linda Howe