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Intuition: 3 Simple Steps to Survival (and) Empowerment

Everyone has intuition; whether you are aware of it and connect with it, may be a different story.

Intuition is defined as follows:

Quick and ready insight.
a) Immediate apprehension or cognition b); knowledge or conviction gained by intuition; c) the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference.

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Intuition: Your own GPS

I think of intuition as your own internal GPS. It locates your feelings and emotions so you can pay attention to them and use them wisely.

Intuition doesn’t have to be profound, yet it certainly can be. It can also be a simple experience with undeniably important results. Paying attention to your intuition can be as easy as “knowing” or trusting that you should have turned left instead of right. Or that you knew you were going to get a job because you just had a feeling. Maybe you knew “this is the person I’m going to marry.” Or you had a little niggling feeling to call someone and it turned out they really needed to talk with you. This is intuition; whether it is mundane or profound.

I remember when I was young just how often I would get ‘those feelings’ and how often I didn’t follow them only to berate myself later for not listening and trusting my original feeling. Intuition is hard wired into us as humans to enable our survival. Our ancestors knew this and used it and so can you. I’ve had several clients ask me “how do I identify my intuition?” so here are my 3 quick steps.

It can take practice to notice the niggling impressions or feelings we come to recognize as intuition.

1. Pay attention and practice listening to the little voice or feeling inside.
2. Notice what your gut “says” and learn to trust it.
3. If doubt creeps in notice if it’s coming from your head; if you are hearing a cynical or critical voice it’s your ego, not your intuition.

Remember, your intuition is a survival skill. You are supposed to have it and use it! It will not lie to you; it’s here to protect you. Once you figure out your own patterns and know when to trust the information that’s truly coming from your intuitive GPS as opposed to your inner critic, the more you will build the confidence to trust your own skills and the happier you will be.

Julie Hawkins is a trainer, author and women’s empowerment coach. She is also known as the Biz Psychic and teaches individuals how to access their own wisdom.

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