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The Unexpected

Recently I was conducting readings at a weekend psychic fair. Most of the readings were Akashic (guidance and clarity), however, I did one medium type reading and it was fascinating and, well, unexpected.

An older gentleman and his wife sat down at my table. I proceeded to get his name so I could open his records. His sole question to me was “what happened to my grandfather”? Once I had his records open I realized that he wanted a reading to connect with his deceased grandfather. I closed his records and opened my own.


Once in my records I silently asked his grandfather to come forward. What I saw next in mind’s eye was unexpected and unsettling. I received the image of two men and one of them had his arm severed at the shoulder. My image, while devoid of feelings was still a bit shocking. I knew intuitively that this was a freak accident. It felt like some kind of large piece of farm equipment had malfunctioned severing the man’s arm. When I told my client this he and his wife exchanged glances. He then told me this had happened to his uncle and explained it was a train rather than farm machinery that caused the accident. I then requested again to speak to the grandfather.

His grandfather stepped forward and told me that he and the uncle had gone away for work. They were Hispanic and in the early 1900s their work was often migratory. It felt like they were in a fairly rural part of the country (my client later told me Texas) and there wasn’t much around. It seemed that they were on their way back home when the accident happened. The grandfather stayed with the uncle hoping someone would come along and help. Then I got an image of 2 or three men who came upon the dying uncle and grandfather. Rather than help, they beat the grandfather to death and then robbed them both. It was a very sad end for them both.

My client told me he’d been researching the disappearance of his uncle for 5 years. Apparently he was able to track the uncle but not his grandfather and could not connect the two. Finally through communicating with his grandfather, my client was able to put the pieces together and find some peace.

Earlier that morning I gave an Akashic reading to a young woman who asked me “when will I be free?” She seemed for all intents and purposes an average individual. She sat at my table alone and when I opened her records the word and image of “son” came through. I made a mental note of that and asked her to provide a bit more detail about her question. She began to tell me a story about how she had worked for the federal government and how they had ultimately targeted her group of about 42 employees. They bugged their houses and eventually fired them from their jobs and prevented them from finding other jobs. This went on for several years, ultimately leading several of them to commit suicide due to the stress and hardship.

At this point, I asked her guides if she needed psychiatric help or if her tale was true. Much to my surprise, I was informed her story was true. I began to ask more questions in her records about this situation and was completely blocked. I could get no information at all about why this had happened to her. I had hit a wall and I told her this. Instead I looked to the future for her. It was about this time that a young boy came up to her and I was then introduced to her son (validating what I got when I initially opened her records).

I received a vision of this woman in what appeared to look and feel like a co-op home. It was clean and friendly and she wouangel_statue_with_wings.jpgld receive room and board in exchange for helping out (I later found out she’d been living in her car and then doing menial work in an elderly couple’s home in exchange for room and board). There would be an upgrade to her living situation. Her guides also told me she needed to work with the angels. She then told me she had started doing this work. It was then that her guides explained why this experience had happened to her. They told me that when she departs from this human incarnation her next incarnation would be as an angel. All of the things that happened to her were in preparation for her new angelic status. This finally gave her some peace and hope for better days ahead.

Honestly, I don’t have the imagination to make these things up! There was much more unexpected information that came that weekend and so I wondered, how do you deal with the “unexpected” when it appears in your life, whether negative or positive? And doesn’t it often seem like every day can bring something unexpected?

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