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How I Became the Mentor I Was Searching For

When I began giving readings in 2011, my protocol was to read one person at a time by opening the individual’s Akashic records and channeling the guidance and information. When I read for someone, I get a peek into a very intimate part of someone’s life, that could include their physicality, mind, emotions, and spiritual pathway. I feel privy to a very unique perspective and feel honored every time I get to engage in this special interaction. 

Then the pandemic hit and a couple of months into our shelter-at-home order, I felt the yearning again. A calling to stretch and evolve in a different way. I kept intuiting that I needed to hold a call where people could ask my guides, through me, questions that would benefit my community as we sought re-entry from our shelter-in-place order. This group call was a new concept for me. 

Over the years, however, I’ve yearned to evolve even more on my spiritual path. I took several trainings so I could teach others this amazing work of accessing supreme being insights. Teaching is something I love and enjoy, and still I longed for something more. I wanted another spiritual mentor and everyone I came across, while amazing in their own right, didn’t provide the evolution I was seeking. I continued to do the work I love, giving readings one person at time and teaching them this powerful work. 

I eventually gave in to this insistent psychic pinging and announced the call to everyone I knew. I asked them to come to the call and ask their questions of my guides in way that could benefit many people. I opened my Akashic records and let my guides work through me, to channel the answers to the questions that were asked. It was hugely satisfying for me and helpful for those on the call. What I also realized was how simple the process was and how easily it flowed. It was truly meant to be and it was time for me to grow and evolve in way I had not anticipated. Through my guides, I had become my own mentor, the mentor I had been seeking.

On a side note, during the call, a question was asked about ‘how sustainable farming and energy might help us in the coming years.’ The answer took a few twists and turns and brought my guides to the topic of innovations. As I was relaying some of this information, I saw a picture of a weaving loom, this led me to the subject of fabric. From there, my guides added that there would be a fabric that would be germ resistant. What a fascinating thought! Two days after the call, I received an email from the woman who had asked the question. She had done some research and came across an article about the development of a fabric that was coronavirus resistant and could actually even kill coronavirus. Aside from the obvious benefits, this article was validation of the new direction for me. You see, I’d been afraid for some time to open up to this process of group channeling, but with this article, I truly felt validated with my direction.

Following is the link to the article which happened to come out two days after I held the call. 

I invite you to check out the article which was also fact checked as accurate. Thank you, Celia for your curiosity and support.–xdveeHoBFJcAjK1ExH1_2MpDlbE4KWCghzUL1Ow#.XsfDh_32bAN.facebook

Now that I know what my next level of evolution is, I look forward to recording more Q&A sessions that will be posted on my YouTube channel. To hear the full call and listen to more channeled Q&A here’s the link: