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There are times when I give a Reading that contains information to help you take the next, most appropriate step on your journey and still you may feel the need for assistance with actionable items.

Whether you’ve had a Reading or simply just want to make significant changes in your life, life coaching is a valuable resource to help you create the changes you want but haven’t been able to achieve. As a life coach and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) trainer for over 10 years, I have the expertise to rapidly evaluate what’s stopping you and give you tools to speed you along your path with confidence and support.

4 – 55 minute coaching calls to be used within an 8-week period $1200.

8 – 55 minute coaching calls to be used within a 3-month period $2,200.

The continuity path: Each call is 55 minutes and will take place weekly for 6 months for a maximum of 4 calls per month, $6,000.

1 (55) Fifty-five minute Laser Coaching Call: $350

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