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Prove it to me!

picIf you told someone you were a singer or a veterinarian or plumber, would they ask you to prove it?

I run into people from time to time who are skeptical that I’m the “real thing.” They expect me to read their mind. I’m psychic – not a mind reader. They are two different things, although I’ve been known to say things that sound a lot like mind-reading. I understand their skepticism; I’ve been there. I’ve had many readings in the past and some were more accurate than others. Now that I’m on the other side of the table, so to speak, I find myself curious about the question of proof.

I think this question of proof sometimes stems from working with someone who may not have the integrity to say “I don’t know” or I can’t always answer your questions. It’s true however, there are times I don’t get the information someone wants (or they sometimes get information they don’t like). This can happen because the information may not be about them or it’s not time for them to know or it’s simply not relevant. What I’ve found is that if I relay the information as I get it, it will prove worthy at some point during and/or after the reading.

I’ve given many a reading where things came through initially and made absolutely no sense to my client in that moment. Then often at the end of the reading something came up that tied it all together. It’s often as surprising to me as it is to my client.

Some questions are asked and answered but if the question is not very specific you may not get a specific response. In the spirit and higher consciousness realms, as with our everyday earth world, if the question is not clear, the answer may be unclear or inaccurate as well.

There is the issue of deciphering images. When I open someone’s records, I often get pictures and it is left to me to explain what I’m seeing. Some things can be lost in translation. This doesn’t necessarily make them wrong. Sometimes the interpretation is a challenge. I can’t always put words to it.

It is rare that I say the same thing to 2 different clients. Everyone is just as different in the world of energy as they are in the physical world. I’ve given hundreds of readings and no two are the same. Every once in a while there may be a similarity or theme that shows up, but the readings are every bit as unique as the individual sitting in front of me or on the phone. That’s one of the aspects I love about this work. I rarely give general guidance; it is most often very specific and detailed toward the individual being read.

My readings have evolved over time and I imagine they will continue to evolve. I now often seem to get physical sensations some 15-20 minutes before I ever start the reading. A few weeks ago I was having heart palpitations and pounding headaches with a few of my clients before their calls. When I asked each person if they experienced any of these “symptoms” all said yes with one exception. I had a headache before her call and about two-thirds of the way into the call she asked me about a business opportunity. Her guides immediately said “don’t do it, it will be the biggest headache ever.” So that’s why I was having a headache. Once I conveyed that the headache was gone.

Sometimes they give me information the way it works best for me to relay it or translate it.

Lastly, proof or validation for some people come in the form of hearing from someone who has passed on from the physical to the non-physical world. This is happening in my readings with more and more frequency. I will sense people coming forward to stand on either side of me. When spirits come through they seem to “stand” on steps; each older generation is a step higher and to the rear, as if they are on stairs. Women are the on the left of me and men on my right. So for instance, someone’s mother or father may be right next to me, but a grandparent will be slightly above and behind, as if they are standing on stairs leading up into the sky. This is how I know what generation they are.

I personally find it all fascinating and I hope this has answered some questions of “proof” for you. I completely trust what comes through, even if I, or my client, don’t always understand it at the time.

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