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Huna: Hawaiian Shamanic & Wisdom Traditions

Huna Level 1

“I believe that Huna is the vessel for higher knowledge, healing, understanding and Divine living.” –Rev. Julie Hawkins, CTNLP, MTEGH™, Alaka’i Ho’omanaloa

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Huna Level 1 is a three-day experience of learning, clearing, healing, awakening and evolving in the ancient Hawaiian tradition. This is three powerful days of foundation and introduction to one of the most ancient indigenous shamanic and wisdom traditions on the planet.

Huna is a way of life, a philosophy, a collected body of knowledge that dates back about 35,000 years handed down from generation to generation. It is a practice of self-healing and healing with others, and that is just a wonderful by-product of all the other information and tools. Although not Hawaiian in this lifetime, my lineage stems from Kahuna David K. Bray whose ancestors served the Ali’i (royalty) of Hawaii for 26 generations.

You will learn:

  • What Huna means and how it can create a truly fulfilling life.
  • A brief history of Huna as we honor our ancestors by understanding their past.
  • Two kinds of meditation, or what I call “meditation for the meditation-challenged”.
  • An overview of the 3 selves and the 4 bodies (because we are complex beings). This information connects the dots of who you are.
  • Experience of Ho’oponopono – the Hawaiian process of forgiveness.
  • Clearing of negative feelings and beliefs in preparation to receive higher vibrational symbolic energy.
  • Energy 101.
  • Sacred initiation into four (4) Ho’omanloa Na Ao Opua (enlightened states of energy) Symbols. Similar to Reiki in practice. My lineage has a set of 36 symbols used in very specific ways. It is magical!
  • Trading of energy sessions as you install the symbols more fully into your neurology and energy bodies.
  • And oh so much more…


Date: To be determined
Time: 10:00 to 6ish
Location:  San Jose
Class size: Limited to 7


  • $497

Here is what some of my students have said.

“Huna is the thread that ties every practice and healing modality together.”

“Huna enhances every other practice or set of tools I’ve learned.”

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1 payment of $497