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Out of alignment?

car-alignmentDo you know when your car is out of alignment? I’m not sure I do. If you are out of alignment with something and don’t know exactly what it is (and we often don’t), how will you know what to do to correct it?

I think as human beings we go through life intuitively seeking meaning, purpose and alignment. We find it in different things: children, spouses or S/O, work, music, art, etc. These are most often pursuits happening outside of us. In the long run though we always come back to having to find it within because all those other things change and come and go.

This time of year often has us reflecting just a bit more about what is right or wrong in our lives, the goals we’ve achieved and the ones we haven’t and where we might go from here. We don’t always know which way is best. Such was the case for a reading I did on Sunday.

As you know my business centers on women entrepreneurs and business professionals. As I was sitting in my reading room at East West Books, a man approached me whom I’ll call Sam, and asked if I was available. Yes, I said and he came in and sat down.

After I opened Sam’s records the energy was hesitant and slow to come. It wasn’t that Sam was skeptical; I didn’t get that at all from him and he confirmed that he was very spiritual. What I got was that he was very reserved. He held “everything” inside and I got a general sense that Sam just seemed to hold back. He was quiet and reserved. When I voiced this to him, Sam just took it in as if to confirm that I was indeed correct and then he verbally confirmed.

During the reading, one of the first things they showed me was an airplane. I asked him if he traveled or was going to go traveling. He said he flew back and forth to L.A. for his current job, but to me that didn’t quite seem to fit why they had shown me the airplane, so we moved on. Often things will come up initially that don’t seem to make any sense only to come up towards the end of the reading and then make perfect sense.

Sam asked about his career saying that he’d interviewed for several jobs recently but hadn’t gotten an offer from any of them. It would come down to the wire and then something would happen that stopped short of an offer being made to him. What we told him was that indeed he would get to this point and then there was a “disconnect.” They liked him, liked his qualifications, but the information that specifically came through for Sam was that they just couldn’t see him in the position, so they’d move on. We gave Sam some insight to help with this situation but it still did not feel settled.

After some more discussion about a couple of other job possibilities, he mentioned something about being a student and at that moment his energy went through the ceiling. I literally saw it shoot up and take flight (like an airplane). Everything lit up and we asked him if he’d thought about teaching. He said he could certainly do that and we believe it started his imagination moving in a more aligned direction. It was the spark he needed to move forward.

One thing I know for sure, when we are not aligned with something, whether it be our spouse or job or something else, it is reflected back to us in any number of ways, and most often in a negative fashion. Sam wasn’t getting any of the jobs he was going for, not because he wasn’t qualified but because he wasn’t aligned to his best path. Should he follow our suggestion and explore teaching he may find a greater sense of success and fulfillment.

I can certainly relate to this sense of alignment. It may be that I feel it more keenly and am more aware of these subtleties than most but it really just takes practice to recognize when you are in or out of alignment. I think the simple clue is when you feel bad, you are out of alignment with whatever you feel may be feeling bad about (hint: it’s often NOT about the other person who may be involved; they are just the mirror). Likewise, when you are feeling good, you are in alignment. When I’m being of service to my clients it changes my entire mood and outlook to an incredible sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. I’m in alignment. I need to work, not just for the obvious reason of income, but because it gives my life meaning. When I’m aligned my life has meaning; when my life has meaning, I’m aligned.

I invite you to begin to notice when you feel bad and what specifically you feel bad about. This will start to give you the insight you need to shift your path so you can be more aligned with who you are and what you want in life.

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