Insights From The Biz Psychic

Video Q&A available in Mid-June

I recently channeled my guides for an informative and insightful session. Among the topics covered were:

  • How do you gently and supportively reenter from shelter-in-place?
  • With events changing daily, even hourly, how do you handle what's next?
  • What will travel be like in 2021?
  • What are the businesses that are likely to survive and thrive?

My invitation to you: I am accepting questions for consideration to be asked and answered by my guides. It is currently FREE for you to submit your question. 

What people are saying: "This was a wonderfully interesting and insightful opportunity. I can't wait for the next one!"

PLEASE READ the Guidelines:

  • You may submit one question at a time.
  • Each question must be for the benefit of many, such as for your city, place of worship, an industry, and so on, as long as it is of a general nature (ie, it benefits many).
  • Should you desire to ask questions specific to you, please book a private reading by visiting the "Schedule an Akashic Reading" page. 
  • This is a free introductory opportunity. To have your question considered you must register below and use the coupon code "INSIGHT" upon checking out. You will receive confirmation and an email address to which you may submit your question.