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End of Year Holding Pattern?

Typically, the last few months of the year are my slow time for readings. I generally attribute this to the fact that people tend to spend their extra time and money on holiday related purchases. However, this year, while there was a bit of a slowdown, the readings that I did give, although each unique were also tied together by a theme.

We as a nation, seem to be in unusual and unparalleled times. This shows up in a couple of ways. One of them of course is politically and while I have very definite views personally, I will not be addressing them here.

What I feel is more helpful is to speak to what I call “the general energy of the nation and what you as an individual” may be experiencing at this time. We are in a state of stagnancy. We are in a holding pattern. Almost every reading I’ve recently given has had a variation of “hold on until after the beginning of the new year!” At first, I didn’t recognize the theme and then, there it was!

Now I know we’ve been in mercury retrograde, but we exited this on December 6. Generally, mercury retrograde is a time of slowing and introspection. We look inward and it can be called a period of “quiet time.” That’s fine. What we are experiencing is a little bit different. It’s as if time itself has ground to a halt. I have taken this to mean it is a time of personal slowing and patience. A time to not only reflect but to relax. It can be hectic at this time of year and while you may still experience a frenzy of sorts as you shop and prepare for the holidays, the guidance is to find a more quiet, calm and relaxing time than you might normally seek out. I know it seems counter to the generally more revved up holidays, but I ask you to trust the wisdom of the Akashic Records.

To be more specific, here is the guidance from the masters, teachers and loved ones in the Akashic Records:

  • Become more aware of what seems to be challenging for you during this time. This may be family, holidays, work or simply wanting to move your life along and feeling stymied or stuck. It’s OK. Acknowledge the “holding pattern.”
  • Accept where you are and practice patience because this holding pattern is not likely to change until mid-January.
  • Take time to do things you’ve been putting off or things you’ve put lower on the priority list, or simply pick up a book and read. The point being, take yourself out of the hustle and bustle, each day if possible, at least for a short time.
  • You have permission to be quiet and slow down. Practice love, compassion, non-judgment and forgiveness of self as well as others.
  • Finally, reevaluate what’s truly most important to you at this time and practice compassionate firmness and say no to that which is not in direct support of your most important priority. You CAN Say No Without Guilt.

Lots of new things ahead in 2019 which is truly…just around the corner.

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