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Akasha is a Sanskrit word for “substance” and in metaphysical terms is “light” or “ether,” as in etheric. It is the realm of infinite wisdom, knowledge and healing.

Within the Akasha lies the Akashic Records. A body of information for everything that has ever taken place and ever will in the Universe of our humanity. The Akashic Records encompass every feeling, thought and experience for every soul’s journey. It is vast beyond belief. It is healing, insightful, curious, enlightening and amazing. It is for your information; for you to evolve and awaken and align with you and the Divine spirit, whatever this is for you.

It has been spoken of over the centuries with reverence and mysticism and only the “holiest” people were privy to this secret vault of information. But this has been changing and now it is time for us all to have access to it for our highest benefit and growth.

As a Certified Practitioner I regularly open and read the Records of others. When I give a Reading this information is given to me, from each individual’s Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones, to give to you. It is validating, interesting and sometimes even humorous, as the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones seem to have a sense of humor too!