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Are You Afraid of Choice?

I recently finished teaching another certified beginning Akashic Practitioner training, and while exhausted, it always reminds me of what I value most and how good this work is for me, my students and the planet.

At the same time, a client contacted me for advice about a challenging situation she is facing concerning her son, his children, divorce and the soon to be “ex;” a common situation in our culture.

I felt honored that she would contact me for advice as it can be challenging to witness this kind of situation and feel unable to do anything about it. Since I’d just taught the most wonderful spiritual training, my guidance to my client was simple (but by no means easy): Communicate with her family that she unfailingly holds them in a bubble of love, compassion, and inspiration, and this may mean keeping her boundaries in tact and her feelings to herself.

It is seldom easy to separate your feelings from those you care about in times of challenge. However, it helps to remember that all involved agreed to, and chose, this path of human revolution and evolution as a way of expanding consciousness before and after coming into the human form. Whatever the challenge, it is critical to human growth to face it, embrace it, release it, and love it, unconditionally. Remember, “that which we resist, persists.”

Challenges are transitory as we learn and master the human lessons we are here to experience. I know with unwavering certainty that unconditional love, compassion, and acceptance is constant, a lesson emphasized in the Akashic training. These most fundamental of attributes, i.e., unconditional love, compassion, and acceptance, may be hidden from view during challenging times until we remember it is our choice to find and focus on them.

It indeed, can be a challenge. It was an evolutionary process for me, and I believe it is the same for most humans. After all, one of the main reasons we choose to take on human form is to evolve.

The challenges that come up may not feel like gifts in disguise at the time, and yet I’m completely convinced they are opportunities specifically designed for each of us. How wonderful, right? Well, you may be cursing me at this point, but read on.

Challenging situations may not feel like a gift at the time, let alone a choice, so I invite you to reframe this belief and refocus it as the opportunity it is.

It is a choice as to how you want to experience and view a challenge. When my recent plumbing problems continued and expanded both in scope and expense, I chose to laugh. Was I happy about it? No! I just knew the problem was happening regardless and I could choose how I wanted to react and feel about it. This lesson of choice is one of the hardest human lessons to learn. Although it may not always seem apparent, you do have choices!

The choice I advised my client to embrace is to spend quality time with her family focusing on nature, fun and inspiring activities. Inspiration is not just found in others; it can be found within. I know an amazing young woman who after growing up in an abusive, oppressive culture and surviving cancer chose to transform those challenges into her own personal gifts. She now reminds herself of this regularly by reciting: “I inspire myself.” You can too!

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