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Julie Hawkins, the Biz Psychic

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Akashic/Psychic readings for clarity and direction  

Akashic Reader Training (Virtual Training)

Learn to give powerful guidance and access knowledge from your highest guides from the Akashic Records. Click here or on Learn More

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 “Learn How to Set Boundaries in 6 Steps” The Ultimate Course for People Pleasers

Healing Through the Akashic Records

Is this you?

  • Are you tired of being a doormat?
  • Do you sometimes struggle to make important decisions and wish you had more clarity, insight and confidence?
  • Do you find yourself saying YES to someone (family, boss, clients) when you really want to say NO?
  • Do you often put others’ needs before your own?

What if…

  • You could know you were making the right choice for your next job?

  • You could know what pitfalls to avoid in your business before they happened?
  • You knew that the problems you’ve been experiencing over and over again were connected to some past karma or current belief pattern?
  • You could finally connect to your internal guidance to discern the best choices for you?
  • You had a reliable source for clarity and focus?

No more what-ifs for you!

Get the guidance, clarity and direction you need now with an Akashic Records reading with Julie!

Julie’s expert psychic insights and coaching are the “secret sauce” to bring through the information you are looking for.
  • With an Akashic Records reading, you can discover potential pitfalls and identify the best direction ahead.
  • With a Mediumship reading you will experience relief, insight and closure.

Get clear. Get confident. Feel empowered!

Thank you SO much for a very fun and focused session. (Thank you to my personal guides as well!).  You told me exactly what I needed to hear and you got right to the point so quickly! 

Tamara, Palo Alto, Ca 

After working with a coach for several weeks on a career transition, I went to Julie for additional clarity which she provided in only 1 session. Her guidance felt correct and I’m now exploring this new direction. I’m so pleased I contacted Julie when I did!

Christina, San Jose, Ca 

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Akashic Reader Training
Evolve your abilities

  • Do you sometimes “know or have a feeling” something is going to happen?

  • Have you “heard” things that then come true?

  • Do you “see” people or “visions” of places and things that seem familiar but you don’t know what to do with this information?

  • Would you like to be in deeper connection with your “guides”?

  • Are you curious about the nonphysical world and how to work with it?

The Akashic Records are a limitless vault of information for each Soul on its journey. It contains information on past, present and future lifetimes. Even if you never give a reading to someone else, learning how to access the Records for your own detailed guidance, clarity and wisdom is priceless.

Akashic Reader Training date to be determined

Learn How to Set Boundaries in 6 Steps!
The Ultimate Course for People Pleasers

Are you a people pleaser?

Do you hate to disappoint people by saying “no” and feel guilty if you do?  

The NEW Online Course Learn How to Set Boundaries in 6 Steps will be your guide to identify your boundaries, create the language to convey them, and finally feel confident about saying “no.”  

Next training TBD

Healing Through the Akashic Records

Healing Through the Akashic Records is a highly experiential workshop where you identify your Sacred Wounds and transform them into the possibility of empowered thoughts, actions and behaviors.

Date to be determined